Textile Finishing Agent

Flame Retardant Finishing Agent

Flame retardant finishing agent are type of chemical substance that is applied to textiles and other materials to reduce their flammability.

Flame retardant processing on textile products can minimize damage and save lives when a fire occurs. For example, curtains, carpets, car seats, sofas, firefighting clothes, etc. are processed flame retardant.

Chevell Fire Retardant Finishing agent is an organic phosphorous/nitrogen compound with excellent performance on cottotn, polyester and nylong, provdie durable flame retardant finishing

Flame Retardant Finishing Agent

Chevell will propose the most suitable agent based on the process conditions; batch treatment type that enables simultaneous dye bath treatment, types that enable padding, kiss roll, foaming and coating treatment.

Product grades

STABFLAM 3072N is nitrogen derivative, containing organophosphorus compounds, suitable for durable flame-retardant finishing of cotton fabrics, giving the fabric excellent flame-retardant finishing effect.

  • Excellent flame-retardant effect.
  • Good durability, resist more than 50 times home laundry.
  • Non-toxic, the free formaldehyde content released on the finished fabric surface is little.
  • Good compatibility with most finishing chemicals.

Field of application: Pad process

Chemical Basis: Organophosphorus compounds

Ionic Character: Nonionic

Form: Liquid

STABFLAM 3019 is phosphorus-nitrogen compound flame retardant, suitable for non-durable flame retardant finishing of cotton, polyester, wool, and its blends, excellent durable flame-retardant finishing effect can be obtained.

  • Imparts excellent flame-retardant effect to finished articles.
  • Little impact on fabric shade, hand feel, and strength.
  • Good compatibility with most finishing chemicals, preliminary compatibility test should be done in advance.
  • Halogen free, No odor of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. non-toxic
  • No special equipment requirement for processing, simple and convenient operation.

Field of application: Pad process

Chemical Basis: Phosphorus-nitrogen compound

Ionic Character: Anionic

Form: Liquid

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Head of Denim at Ex-Archroma

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