In the unopened original container, most products have a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place.

The sample can be supplied in 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottle.

Liquid products like organo silanes and silicone fluids are supplied in 25L plastic pail, 210L steel drum or 1000L IBC tote. 20’ft container can load 80 x 210L steel drums with pallets, or 18 x 1000L IBC totes. Solid Silicone Rubbers are supplied in 20Kg or 500Kg carton box. 20’ft container can load 800 x 20Kg carton box with pallets, or 34 x 500Kg carton box with pallets. Fumed silica is supplied in a 10Kg bag, 40’ft HQ can load 4000Kgs with pallets. For more information, please check with our expert.

If it is not dangerous cargo, we can support a small amount of free samples by TNT or FedEx, freight collect. If it is classified as dangerous cargo, we will label according to DG regulation and arrange the transportation by air cargo. Please understand that FedEx / TNT don’t accept dangerous cargo in China.

Our standard deliver time is 5- 7 days after receiving PO for regular product. Dangerous goods need 2 more weeks for CIQ inspection.

Current TDS documents are available on the product pages. If a TDS is not listed, additional product information is available online in the brochures which are available for download.

SDS can be updated according to specific product needs. Please contact marketing@chemsilicone.com.

A Certificate of Analysis will accompany your order. It can also be obtained by telling the batch number on the label.

Yes, we have different distributors in more than 20 countries for different products.

Our business coordinator will keep you informed consistently by email.