Textile Finishing Agent

Anti-UV Agent

Anti-UV Agents / ultraviolet absorbers protect materials by converting absorbed ultraviolet rays into low-impact heat and energy through chemical reactions. In textile industry, Anti UV finishing agent is a specialty finish for protecting the fabric from UV radiation so that it protects human underlying tissues from UV radiation. High-tech fabrics treated with UV Resistant Agents or dyes prevent some penetration from UV rays.

Product grades

  • Excellent UV absorption, which significantly reduce the UV transmittance of fabric, increases fabric UPF.
  • Long-lasting sunlight fastness improving finish effect.
  • Little influence on shade and color fastness, does not affect hand feel.

Chemical Basis: 

Ionicity: Anionic

pH value: 5.0 – 8.0

Form: Liquid

  • Significant absorption effect to 280 ~ 320nm UV, long-lasting effect,
  • Enhancement to light fastness.

Chemical Basis: special organic compounds

Ionicity: Nonionic

pH value: 6.0 – 7.5

Form: Liquid

  • Significant UV-absorption, effectively improving sunlight fastness.
  • Easy to use, can be used alone or in dyeing.
  • Resistant to washing and retains long lasting effectiveness.
  • Little influence to shade.

Chemical Basis: special organic compounds

Ionicity: Nonionic

pH value: 7.0 – 9.0

Form: Liquid

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