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Textile & Leather

As the leading provider of sustainable textile solutions, Chevell is committed to bringing the latest technologies, sustainability solutions and market-leading products to our customers. Our comprehensive range of quality auxiliary and chemicals help increase their productivity and improve their sustainability footprint. We create a more transparent textile supply chain that creates value for textile mills, brands, consumers and communities today, while making a vibrant world possible for future generations.

Featured Products

Hydrophilic Silicone Oil

Block Silicone Oil

silicone antifoam

Silicone Antifoam

water repellent agent

Water & Oil Repellent

Coating & Paint

As a leading specialty chemicals group, Chevell offers a wealth of raw materials and additive expertise that improve the performance of Coatings, Paints market products.  Working in partnership with our customers we provide the technical and formulation support they need to increase efficiencies and improve the sustainability of their production processes.

Featured Products

Substrate wetting additive

Substrate Wetting Additive


Titanium Dioxide Pigment


Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin


Silicone-based antifoam agents from CHEVELL optimize the production, refining and processing of oil and natural gas.

Featured Products

Silicone Defoaming of Oil & Gas

Silicone Defoam Oil&Gas