Water oil repellent finishing agent: Here are some trends that were shaping the fabric water repellent market:

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions:

There was a growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable textile water oil repellent finishing agent.

Advanced Technologies:

Advancements in nanotechnology and polymer science were driving the development of more effective and durable water repellent treatments. Innovations such as superhydrophobic coatings were gaining attention for their ability to create extremely water-repellent surfaces.

Water and Oil repellent

Application-Specific Solutions:

The market was witnessing a trend towards fabric water repellents designed for specific applications. For example, Water and Oil repellent tailored for outdoor gear, sportswear, or industrial applications, each optimized for the unique requirements of those use cases.

 Durable Water Repellency (DWR) in Apparel:

In the apparel industry, there was a focus on durable water repellency (DWR) technologies that could withstand repeated wash cycles. Brands were looking for solutions that provided long-lasting water resistance without compromising the breathability and comfort of fabrics.

Multifunctional Finishes:

Fabric treatments with multifunctional properties, such as stain resistance, UV protection, and antimicrobial features in addition to water repellency, were gaining popularity. This trend was driven by the desire for versatile and high-performance fabrics.

Growth in Outdoor and Sports Industries:

The outdoor and sports industries were significant consumers of water repellent fabrics. With an increasing focus on outdoor activities and sports, there was a corresponding rise in the demand for fabrics that could withstand various weather conditions.

About Chevell Water Repellent

As the industry leader, Chevell provdie multiple grades of both non-fluorinated and fluorinated( C8, C6 ) products that provide excellent water and oil repellency to a variety of surfaces.
Through our well-developed polymer design and polymerization technology along with our comprehensive knowledge of water and oil repellency, our products excel in the marketplace!

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