Water oil repellent agent C6 is alternative short-china C6 PFC versus long chain C8 PFC, providing sustainable alternatives for many applications, including textiles, leathers based on proven C6 chemistry. Chevell offers high performance properties with improved environmental and biological profiles.

What is C6?

  • C6 fluorinated polymers are proven safe for their intended use.
  • C6 fluoropolymer cannot break down to form PFOA or PFOS.
  • Innovative C6 WOR technology, excellent water oil repellency
  • Full product range to meet all performance demands.

Benefits: Chevell, the industry brand leader for valuable-performance barrier agents, performs listed below

  • Water repellency
  • Oil and grease repellency
  • Alcohol resistance
  • Soil resistance
  • Easy to clean property


Industrial Workwear

Fluorine water oil repellent agent C6 from Chevell is ideal for tough and durable coatings for workwear in contact with oil and dirt such as in the automotive and chemical industries. Fabrics made using Chevell’s C6 repellent products are comfortable to wear and highly durable for industrial laundering.

Outdoor Leisure and Sportswear

Chevell fluorinated C6 water oil repellent provides a waterproof coating for outerwear and footwear designed for activities such as skiing, rambling, mountaineering and sailing. These waterproof characteristics mean it is widely used on tents, awnings and canopies to give protection from the elements.

Medical, Emergency Services

Chevell fluoropolymer C6 water oil repellent is suitable for use on surgical gowns, medical drapes, packs, protective masks in the medical industry.

As the industry leader, Chevell provdie multiple grades of both non-fluorinated and fluorinated( C8, C6 )  water oil repellent that provide excellent water and oil repellency to a variety of surfaces.

Through our well-developed polymer design and polymerization technology along with our comprehensive knowledge of water and oil repellency, our products excel in the marketplace.

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