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textile softener hydrophilic block silicone

A textile is perceived as higher quality, the more pleasant, supple and soft it feels. A supple, soft hand feel is therefore an important quality feature. Our chemists have delivered innovative and powerful textile softening agents based on linear [AB]n silicone copolymer / block silicone oil technology. The molecules also feature amino or quat functionality – which allows us to tailor surface affinity, bulky touch and antistatic properties in each softener grade – and polyether blocks, which affect antistatic properties as well as hydrophilicity.

Chevell textile softener line effectively combines voluminous and bulky feel, smooth drape or silky softness and hydrophilic properties, making it ideal for, e.g., towels and other textiles in which water absorption plays an important role. Processing also benefits from our softeners, which are water-dispersible or dilutable and offer shear and alkaline stability even at low use levels.

textile softener hydrophilic block silicone

When formulating traditional softeners, you can also choose from a comprehensive range of highly functional amino fluids and micro and macroemulsions from Chevell. Chevell silicone polymer covers a wide range of traditional amino silicone fluid emulsions in concentrated form for particular efficiency in your formulation. textile softener hydrophilic block silicone

textile softener hydrophilic block silicone

Chevell also provide hand modifiers mostly for use in top coats for a range of leather applications, from automotive and garments to shoes and leather goods or upholstery. These modifiers come in silicone, wax, polymer and surfactant forms and can offer excellent wet and dry abrasion resistance and non-yellowing properties.

I wholeheartedly recommend Chevell to anyone seeking textile auxiliary include silicone softening agent, water repellent. Their unparalleled professionalism, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach make them a standout choice in the industry.

Head of Denim at Ex-Archroma

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