Silicones to control foam in all Oil & Gas industry processes

Silicone Defoaming Oil & Gas applications

Oil & Gas exploration, drilling (onshore and offshore), extraction, separation, transportation and refining are carried out in extremely different conditions which can be highly variable.  From oceans to deserts and from the tropics to the arctic, the particular conditions as well as the characteristics of the petroleum materials, require the correct products to perform for the end user.

During every production stage upstream and downstream, foam bubbles can slow processes and reduce productivity as well as create safety and environmental hazards. In most cases, the formation of foam bubbles must be reduced or eliminated to increase productivity, enhance quality and reduce costs.

Silicone Defoaming Oil Gas Applications: CHEVELL offers its customers a wide range of products that meet specific needs in all processes of the Oil & Gas industry, from initial exploration to final refinement of end-products. Here are several examples of products available:

Product Structure Appearance Viscosity
(25 °C, mPa·s)
SILCO-87 Fatty alcohol
Colorless transparent
300-600 Drilling muds
SILCO-20 Fatty
White to off-white
NA Well cementation
SILIFOAM-1 PDMS Colorless transparent
1-200 coking and oil/gas
SILIFOAM-2 PDMS Colorless transparent
1-200 coking and oil/gas


  • Oil Drilling, Well Cementation, Oil-Gas Separation, Oil-Water Separation, Refinery, Delay Coking, Residual Oil Storage And Oil Transportation


Silicone Defoaming Oil & Gas Applications

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What are the main applications and advantages of silicone-based foam control solutions for the Oil & Gas industry?

Silicone foam control solutions (also referred to as anti-foams or defoamers) are recognized as the material of choice because they offer several advantages compared to organic or mineral substances. First, silicone defoamers prevent foam from occurring upstream and reduce it more quickly and efficiently when it does occur (known as the knockdown effect). Second, they are more resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature variations. Third, the quantities of silicone anti-foam products needed to achieve the required effects are much lower than other products and offer more durable lower surface tension, especially important in complex and long-lasting processes. Third, they are inert and therefore safer for people and the environment.

Why choose Chevell for your defoaming solutions in Oil & Gas?

To begin with, we have 26 years of providing effective and innovative silicone defoaming solutions to the Oil & Gas industry and related high-foam industries such as Pulp & Paper. Chevell expert teams have developed a full range of silicone foam control agents and processing aids to meet the entire chain of technical requirements in Oil & Gas. We always work closely with our customers to back them with our on-site technical services and are devoted to providing them with the best products backed with process and application guidance. .

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