Functional Finishing Agent

Textiles are a huge part of our day-to-day lives. From the clothes we wear to the bedsheets we sleep on, there is a wide spectrum of applications for textiles and the functional needs for textiles can defer depending on the use. Textiles not only have to be soft, comfortable and easy to care but they also have to be waterproof, fire resistant, dimension-stable, antimicrobial, or provide long-term durability, to name just a few.

Whether the need is for apparel, sports, leisure wear, decorative home textiles such as curtains, blinds, mattresses, high performance materials for protective wear and uniforms, nonwovens used for interlining, filters, medical sterilization materials or the automotive industry, Chevell’s broad portfolio of innovative, effect-promoting finishes is highly valued among the technical textile sector for its focus on safety and ecology, as well as its contribution to improving manufacturing efficiency.

Shrink-resistant / crease-resistant

Functional Finishing Auxiliary provide Good resistance to shrinkage during washing and ironing , high dry /wet crease recovery and wash-wear properties with minimum impact on tensile strength. High liquor stability ,increases the durability to washing of water-repel-lent finishes ,negligible impairment of whiteness, good buffering or effect .

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I wholeheartedly recommend SINOSIL INCORPORATED to anyone seeking textile auxiliary include silicone softening agent, water repellent. Their unparalleled professionalism, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach make them a standout choice in the industry.

Head of Denim at Ex-Archroma

Functional Finishing Auxiliary Antistatic agents

Developed to reduce fabric processing problems, Chevell textile finishing auxiliaries antistatic agents lessens static load, which also reduces static cling during display and wearing of garments. This helps improve wearer comfort.

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Anti-slipping Agent

Chevell textile finishing auxiliaries anti-slipping agents improve seam resistance and thread slippage of woven fabrics to help maximize fabric and garment life.

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